Benefits of CBD for Cats And Dogs

Benefits of CBD for Cats And Dogs

If you are a pet owner, you may wonder if CBD is helpful for cats and dogs. It is made from cannabis plants and has shown many benefits for humans. But can it help our furry friends? The uses of the plant as hemp sources date back thousands of years when it was usable as a source of food, fiber, and medicine. Since then, medical CBD has become more common in treating many diseases and conditions in cats and dogs. It is anti-inflammatory, which promotes appetite and reduces inflammation. Furthermore, it reduces pain, maintains stable blood pressure, and fights cancerous cells in cats and dogs.



There are several types of products available for cats and dogs; these include capsules, treats, suppositories, creams, lotions, and bath salts. Vets have reported encouraging results when treating their patients with cannabis products compared to traditional methods, such as prescription drugs. Many vets support the consumption of the strain as a natural alternative to manufactured medications. Since it became legal in some states for medical purposes, vets have turned to natural treatments such as medicinal cannabinoids for their patients’ ailments. To make sure all manufacturers of CBD for pets use harmless processing. There should be an ongoing lab analysis program for each batch produced, ensuring no harmful compounds are present.



If you use this variant for your dog and cat, they can get the following health benefits.

Reduced Pain

It is popular that the anti-inflammatory benefits observed in arthritic dogs and cats are also present in pets suffering from other types of inflammatory pain like back pain from intervertebral disc disease (IVDD). Preliminary studies experimented on people showed that the combination of products that contain both CBD and THC is more effective for pain relief than when either drug is given alone. We do not have such research on dogs, so you should prefer not to add THC to their diet. It is a drug that you should try.

Limits Seizures

Seizures are one of the most-studied benefits of CBD in people. It is not the case in canines because there is limited research available for pets. In dogs and cats, seizures do not have only one cause. Their causes have a wide range of underlying conditions. When it comes to idiopathic epilepsy specifically, there exists some research that has suggested that cannabis is essential in reducing the frequency of seizures in these dogs and cats. These benefit from observing pets that consume conventional anti-seizure medications with this strain.

Mental Health

Who does not want their dogs and cats to live as long as possible? A prominent part of your pet’s health revolves around keeping their mental health balanced. The endo cannabinoid system is responsible for regulating aspects like sleep, memory, mood, and appetite. CBD oils interact with this system which helps in promoting swift, healthy brain function. 


Nowadays, vets have turned to other natural alternatives such as oil containing pure form instead of prescribing prescription drugs that can create dependency issues in their patients over time. In this way, cats and dogs can help spread awareness about how safe using pure extract. These products contain varying concentrations of CBD and are administered orally or topically to the pet’s diet or body.

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